Expand your home to fit your world.

Whether you’re looking at getting a conversion or extension, we can help you through the whole project from concept to completion, including the sometimes daunting task, of sorting out planning permission, building control, architect plans and structural integrity.
Hashtag project management also means you never have to worry about what needs to be ordered, as well as design support to achieve your dream space and experienced tradespeople for the perfect finish.

We have the greatest respect for the fact that we are working at your loved home and want to work closely with you to create not just a practical expansion but to craft a really special place for you.


Conversions are a great way to create more living space in your home that you already love and help make the most of empty space you don’t use. 


A well designed loft or garage conversion transforms previously ‘background’ areas of a house into useful, everyday rooms. 


Extensions are naturally the perfect solution for adding more space into your home; a bespoke, streamlined & functioning space, perfectly suited to your needs. Are you looking to add just one more room to your house or do you want to significantly grow the size of your home with a double story extension?


We’ve built beautiful small sun rooms & we’ve also doubled homes in size with multi-story extensions featuring the families new kitchen, bedrooms & bathrooms.

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