Working From Home?

Hashtag’s teams have years of experience creating high end office spaces, as well as beautiful homes, which makes us the perfect company to design & build your bespoke home office. 

Modify a room in your home, add or renovate an outdoor garden room, loft conversion or extension can make the perfect home office if you don’t have a suitable office within your home.

Coffee Cup Desk Equipment Music  - groovelanddesigns / Pixabay

Your New Work Space

With so many of us now working from home, or if you were anyway, make sure you’re set up with all you need. 

At lot goes into designing a work space, from lightning, maximising use of available space & access to required equipment (such as simple features like plug sockets). 

Maybe you’re starting a salon at home or need a home studio? 


Get the right space, with power, lighting and internet. 


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